Thursday, August 23, 2012

Atlanta City Guide

View of Midtown
I was in Atlanta for a week visiting my best friend, Jon. It was his week off before his GT semester starts, so he had time to take me to as many places on my list as can possibly be squished in.  I was armed with some good food recommendations from my foodie Atlanta friend Alex and Yelp, and a City Pass. There are more to eat and see, but these were the ones that I ended up doing. 


  1. Get a City Pass. The City Pass let's you go to:
    • World of Coca-Cola
    • Georgia Aquarium
    • Atlanta History Center or Atlanta Zoo
    • CNN Tour
    • Fernbank Museum or High Museum (If you want to go to Fernbank and High Museum, use the pass for Fernbank and go to High Museum on Thursday after 4PM when they have half price tickets.)
  2. Go to the outdoor attractions first when it doesn't look like rain and leave the indoor attractions for when rain strikes.
  3. Try wearing light long sleeves and pants. This is a great way to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes.
  4. Nothing is a particularly far drive from each other, so don't worry too much about lumping daily activities within the same area. But parking costs everywhere, so going to CNN Center, Olympic Centennial Park, and World of Coca-Cola on the same day is a good idea if you're up for it.
Here is my itinerary and my google map if you'd like some ideas for planning your trip. I wouldn't recommend everything I did, so read my comments on these places first! I also love the Design Sponge Atlanta City Guide.

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