Thursday, August 23, 2012

Atlanta Arrival & Day 1

I went to Atlanta for a week. Here is what I did on my Arrival and Day 1, or check out my Atlanta City Guide.

THE VARSITY -- This burger and hot dog place is a must-go-to Atlanta landmark, even if the food is bleh!
The Varsity
#1 Chili Dog Combo
DAY 1//
WEST EGG CAFE -- Great place to have breakfast. Located in the industrial-looking complex West Provisions District with lots of great eateries and boutiques. I tried grits and fried green tomatoes, which I just don't understand. I do understand biscuits!
Omelette, biscuit, & grits.
Fried Green Tomatoes
ATLANTA HISTORY CENTER -- A museum with changing exhibits and a 33 acre lot that includes a pre-Civil War farmhouse (Smith Family Farm), a Post Civil War mansion (Swan House), and surrounding gardens. The Swan House guide told us that a major Hollywood film is being filmed there but couldn't tell us what it is yet. Anyone know?

The Swan House
LENOX SQUARE -- This is just a pretty regular mall you would see anywhere in America. But I went there to just check out their Madewell, my favorite store.

BELL STREET BURRITOS -- This wasn't on my list but passing by it in the morning made me want to try it. Its Yelp reviews aren't that bad so we went to check it out. Jon ordered their burrito which was too bean heavy--not good! But I had the chicken quesadilla which was delicious. We also ordered the sopapilla which was cold by the time we ate it; it would taste better if we ate it as soon as it came out.
Bell Street Burritos
BTW, aluminum foil = bad food pictures! Maybe restaurants should think about this and the pictures customers will post on their Yelp reviews!

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