Friday, August 24, 2012

Atlanta Day 4

I went to Atlanta for a week. Here is what I did on Day 4, or check out my Atlanta City Guide.

SUN IN MY BELLY -- This place is not well-marked on the outside. They really need to redesign their logo and sign. The food tastes good and is freshly made, but don't go if you're really hungry or in a hurry because the food won't be coming out quickly; partly because their servers are chatting up the regulars.

I got the quiche of the day and it did not taste reheated, but fresh. Jon always end up ordering food more delicious than mine and this time its the shrimp and grits. I think this makes me understand grits a little better; it is meant to take up the taste of anything around it, like tofu...
Shrimp & Grits
Quiche of the Day
FERNBANK MUSEUM -- The space is beautiful and walking into the main hall was impressive. I've never been to the American Museum of Natural History but always heard how the dioramas are works of art. Well, there was nothing like that here. The special "Scoop on Poop" exhibit held more promise than was actually met. Just getting it out there: I would like a hand at redesigning the "Scoop on Poop" exhibit. Apparently, I am a master poop identifier!
HIGH MUSEUM OF ART -- This museum has a good African and folk art collection that reflects its location. The collection have a lot of the kinds of things you would see on the Antiques Road Show. I prefer their modern art collection because it has the fun factor.
Stent Family Wing designed by Richard Meier
Untitled, 2012 (Stainless Steel) by Anish Kapoor
This is the first thing you see getting off the elevator on the top floor.
My profile picture was taken in front of this very fun piece.
TAQUERIA DEL SOL -- Great cheap tacos with seasonal items not on the menu. I saw some people eating the habanero peppers and it looked delicious. There are long lines during meal hours, so come early!
Memphis & Carnita Taco with  Jalapeño Coleslaw.
STAR PROVISIONS -- A deli/bakery in front of their more expensive Bacchanalia restaurant. You can buy some deli foods and eat at any of the picnic benches around the West Provisions District. But go there early if you want cupcakes; They tend to sell out.
Chocolate chip cupcake with chocolate mousse frosting.

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