Thursday, August 23, 2012

Atlanta Day 3

I went to Atlanta for a week. Here is what I did on Day 3, or check out my Atlanta City Guide.

HIGHLAND BAKERY -- There are three of these bakeries. Make sure you go to the one in the Fourth Ward, which is the original and have more choices on the menu. The area and building have a lot of character.
Chicken Benedict. YUM!
Sweet Potato Pancakes. It was more like a dessert!
ATLANTA BOTANICAL GARDEN -- A wonderful botanical garden with a children's garden and an edible garden. My favorite being the orchid center and the conservatory. The conservatory had quails running around in it and had all kinds of strange flora. I also met a funny little girl there.
Can you find the quail?
Pitcher-type plants.
CNN CENTER -- The tour was insightful into the going-ons of the news industry. I think anyone interested in becoming a news broadcaster would especially enjoy the tour.
CNN Center Entrance
YEAH! BURGER -- This burger joint is great. I highly recommend it. You can request your own burger or get their preset burgers. I got the burger of the month (BACON TRUFFLE BURGER: Grass-fed White Oak Pastures beef, rosemary bacon, grilled onions, housemade tru ffle mayo & Parmesan cheese on a H&F Bread Co. Southern White bun), and Jon got the Bison Triple B. I tried a bite of his and have to say that the Bison Triple B is amazing!
Grass-fed bison topped with our famous Bacon Jam, organic blue cheese crumbles and grilled onions

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