Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mimi and Her Critters

Mimi counting to 100.
I'm in Hotlanta this week for vacation, which I'll share more on later! But I have to tell you about a little girl I met today at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. While I was sitting down for a break, she ran up to me purposefully. This was our conversation:

Mimi: Can you keep an eye on me because my mommy can't see me right now?

Me: Ugh... Well, you shouldn't be where your mommy can't see you.

Mimi: But I'm playing hide and seek with my friends (her brother and another little girl).

Me: You shouldn't even be talking to me because I'm a stranger.

Mimi: A Stranger?

Me: Well, you don't know me. What if I'm a bad person?

Mimi: If you're a bad person then you're a stranger.

(She runs around, comes back, and stops in front of me.)

Mimi: My names is Mimi!

Me: My name is Alice.

(...covers her eyes and starts counting...)

Mimi: 1, 2, 3,... I like your earrings... 20, 21, 22,...

Me: Thank you!... What number do you have to count to?

Mimi: I don't have to but I'm counting to 100! 40, 41, 42,... 100. Okay, I have to go find those little critters now.

(With that, she scurried off)

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