Saturday, August 25, 2012

Atlanta Day 6

I went to Atlanta for a week. Here is what I did on Day 6, or check out my Atlanta City Guide.

SUBLIME DOUGHNUTS -- This is a pretty normal doughnut shop but with some interesting flavors. I went there on Saturday because that is the only day they have maple bacon. I went a little later during the day and they were out of maple bacon. I like the combination of savory and sweet together. 
Maple Bacon & Salted Caramel
MICHAEL C. CARLOS MUSEUM -- An antiquities museum on the Emory campus. I was prepared to be disappointed because I'm familiar with Getty Villas Greek/Roman collection. But as soon as I saw this museum's Egyptian collection, I was impressed. Just look at all their mummies!
Michael C. Carlos Museum
GU'S BISTRO -- My dad was lecturing in the Chamblee/Dunwoody area and we met up for dinner. This is a pretty good and busy Szechwan restaurant. 

SWEET HUT BAKERY & CAFE -- My dad wanted some boba milk tea after dinner and this is where we went. Jon ordered a smoothie that did not taste like it had any fresh fruits in it; but that is an asian cafe for you. It was most likely made with ice and syrup. 

STONE MOUNTAIN LASER SPECTACULAR -- There was a large crowd and a long walk from the parking lot to get to the field where the laser show was. The laser show was only 45 minutes and a cheesy presentation of southernism played to country music; It was not so spectacular. If I could do it over, I would visit Stone Mountain during the day and do some hiking instead.
Stone Mountain Laser Spectacular

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