Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Does it take you a long time to process all the things that you experienced post-vacation? It takes me a long time! And if I wait until I am ready to share, I may never do it! So I am going to share with you about the recent trip I took: the places I visited, foods I tried, things I saw, and lessons I learned. Some places I loved and some places were memorable for, (ahem) different reasons.

Here are the places I will cover. Check back for posts on these places!

Door, Danshui
Taipei// Muzha, Shiding// Tamsui
Door, Lijiang Old Town
Lijiang// Black Dragon Pool, Yulong Snow Mountain, Blue Moon Valley, Baisha Village, Suhe Village, Lijiang Old Town, Mu's Residence, Wannggu Pavilion
Dali// Erhai, Chongseng Three Pagodas, Dali Ancient City
Colonial buildings, Georgetown, Penang

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