Monday, April 29, 2013


When I was Taiwan last month, I took advantage of the new metro line that leads to and ends in Tamsui. I heard that it used to be a hassle getting there. But with the new line, it makes for easier travelling. I can imagine this to be a great date location for the locals, with a nice boardwalk atmosphere.

Though now hip and happening, I get the sense that it is the history and small-town feel that makes Tamsui appealing. Walking through the landmarks is walking through a history lesson of Taiwan's colonial days. It was a nice and quiet walk from the MRT station to the fort before noon. Walking back after noon, it was crazy busy on the streets! So beware!

Here are some must do's that I did while there!

Hobe Mackay Hospital
HOBE MACKAY HOSPITAL--This is an old hospital established by a Presbyterian missionary way back when. It amazes me sometimes, how one person can make so much difference in the lives of others. Seeing the hospital reminds me of that. There are still many hospitals in Taiwan named after Dr. Mackay.
Tamsui Church//Fort San Domingo
TAMSUI CHURCH--This church is right beside the Hobe Mackay Hospital. I do not believe it is original. From what I've read, it used to be part of the hospital dormitory then converted to a meeting place some time after. Then it was renovated at different times to its present state.

FORT SAN DOMINGO & MUSEUM--In Chinese it is called red hair fort, after the ginger Dutch who used to live there. Also on the estate is the Museum Fort San Domingo that was a former British consulate, belonging to the British until as recent as 1980.
A fancy boat model on display in the fort.
What is a strategic island like Taiwan without a colorful nautical past?!
Fish balls and wonton//A-gei
FISH BALL SOUP--It was good and didn't disappoint. I'm no connoisseur though.
A-GEI--This is a fishball three inches in diameter stuffed with vermicelli. It tasted alright. And for the record, I don't get it.
Sour plum juice.
SOUR PLUM JUICE--I didn't know this was a must have until later. All I knew was that I was thirsty and this was what I was craving. But this really was the best sour plum juice I ever had!

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