Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Year of the Snake!

For Chinese New Years last year, my sister sat the family down and gave us each a red envelope. Inside was a baby announcement! Fast forward a lunar year, my nephew is already now 29 weeks old. He struggled through his first tummy times to now almost sitting perfectly by himself. He has two bottom teeth, wants to put everything he sees in his mouth, and is starting to eat solids. He has the happiest disposition and is the most adorable little boy ever! I absolutely love the little guy!

Now that I have him to give red envelopes to, I wanted to add a personal touch. I found a plain red envelope and spruced it up with a glue pen and glitter. I drew my fortune cookies doodle freehand and voila--a one-of-a-kind red envelope! 

Chinese New Year's day is tomorrow, so wishing you all a Happy New Years a little early. What are you doing to celebrate?

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