Friday, June 22, 2012

ICON7 Part I

Wow! Where do I begin?! ICON7 was amazing. This was my first time attending and I didn't know what to expect. I didn't take enough pictures, drank too much sugar-loaded coffee, and self-inflicted pain to stay awake. I met a wealth of bright-eyed not-yet-jaded art students/graduates, and talked to long-lost now-famous classmates. 

This year's theme was "collaboration." Here are some notes and thoughts on the talks. This is more for my sakes than yours so don't mind the length...

Wednesday// Workshops
I didn't take any so I couldn't tell you. But I did have a lovely time exploring Providence!

Thursday// Workshops and Opening Party
Illustrator as Maker: On crafting your own shop and selling direct (Jen Corace)
Jen talked about the craft and DIY movement and different resources available. She talked about how you can adapt your style to objects and to make it into a business. I never wanted to buy crafts myself thinking that I can make them. Therefore I thought that no one would want to buy them from me either. But one things that really struck me at the workshop is to not approach it as merely a business venture, but as a means to push yourself and your work. Another good tidbit is to think about the retail price versus the wholesale price. Whatever you put into the product multiplied twice should be your wholesale price, and multiply that twice to get your retail price.

People of Earth!: Promoting your work on a shoestring budget (Dan Santat)
Really informative. Gave the pros and cons of mailing campaigns, agents, annuals, and sharing your work online. He shared that you have to earn your right to be valued and that you create the value of your own work. Dan is known to be very savvy at promoting himself through the internet. What I appreciated most was how he gave concrete examples of the illustrations he posted on his different media outlets and the work that those led to. 

Illustrator as Designer and Author (Josh Cochran/Chris Silas Neal)
We were asked to create a zine during of the workshop as a means to form some kind of narrative. We were also shown the zines of many artists and how it can serve as a promotional. I also won a Josh Cochran zine in the raffle!

Opening Party
Big Nazo! What Cheer? Brigade! Chris Buzelli in a Squid mask and Josh Cochran in a tulle petticoat. Enough said!

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