Friday, June 22, 2012


Lynda Barry, her party trick, and Matt Groening.
All this took place in one day. No wonder I was so tired!

Friday// The Line-up

Dream Jobs/Macys' (Gregory DiBisceglie)
Macy's have lots of events that require illustrations every year: Thanksgiving Day Parade, Christmas, Fourth of July Fireworks, Glamorama, Flower Show.

Aesthetic Eclecticism (Bob Staake)
Bob does a lot of New Yorker covers. He has a really interesting technique of drawing with pencil on bond paper, scanning in silhouette, and working eliminative-ly. He says 75% of his work is self-generated. Some of the New Yorker covers are solicited rather than commissioned. Pay attention to the themes that repeat each year, such as June weddings.

Pencil Factory: Working in Community (Josh Cochran, Christopher S. Neal, Sam Weber)
Chris said to not accept the brief you're given and take advantage of other talented people. He mentioned Buck T.V. (best animation studio in NY) and Antfood (a creative audio studio). Josh Cochran called on social media to have regular people pose nude for a series. Sam Weber talked about the use of models as references. Giving models costumes and props can really get models into character.

Children's Books: Tots to Teens (Elizabeth Parisi, Cecily Kaiser, Chad Beckerman)
What they look for in submissions are 1) relevancy: appropriate to audience, and 2) differentiate: yet different.

Digital Parasite and the Battle for Culture (Robert Levine)
Licensing=borrowing money against a copyright. He differentiated between creative infringement, consumptive infringement, and commercial infringement. We need more orphan works legislation. Didn't quite understand the implications of all the specifics he talked about, but he is preaching to the choir with me.

Queen of the Internet: Jessica Hische
She is the letterer behind Moonrise Kingdom. She created as side projects the sites: Mom, This is How Twitter WorksShould I Work for FreeInker Linker, and Don't Fear the Internet.  She coined the wonderful term "procrastiworking" to refer to the the times we do stuff to avoid doing stuff. She said to learn what you need to learn to make what you want (need) to make and make things you wish existed. She hired her mom to organize her emails into the categories: clients, work-y, life-y, and friend-y. This girl works hard and she is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. My new girl crush for sure. 

Kiel Johnson: On cardboard, communities and an unforgettable night at the prom
A.k.a. "the cardboard guy" that no one wanted to follow in a talk. He is Cane's Arcade on steroids and making extraordinary objects with ordinary materials!

MTA Arts in Transit (Lydia Bradshaw, Amy Hausmann)
There is actually an open call for images. Aside from permanent art created for the stations, there are 3 art cards and 2 posters commissioned every year. 

The Man-Whore's Lament: Selling yourself for fun and profit (Dan Santat, Adam Rex)

Adventures in Art Licensing: From wallpaper to coffee mugs and everything in between (Julia Rothman)
Julia makes patterns. She said illustrations in books may go away but surfaces never will. She basically draws on paper, scans them into Illustrator, auto-trace, colors, and voila! Go to Surtex; but don't sell your patterns outright or you'll find them in innumerable iterations for years and years to come with no royalties. Gain momentum by sending them to design and pattern blogs. License!

Illustration 2.0: What Now? (Scott Matthews)
He talked about infographics and the need for them to communicate within companies in situations where words make things worse. 

Writing Comics in the 21st Century (Lynda Barry and Matt Groening)
Two extraordinary people who have been friends for a long time talking and sharing about their life and comics. I was laughing and crying so hard the whole time to take understandable notes. She said something about "image" as an external organ and a biological function which we are not human without it. 

Rhode Show Bazaar
Booths. I bought a Lynda Barry book and had it signed! She is so nice. I also got my ICON poster signed! 

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