Thursday, June 21, 2012

Providence, Rhode Island

The State House.
The anti-view from my hotel window.
En route to RISD.
Inside the RISD Museum.
Landscape from a RISD Museum window.
First Baptist Church in America
Governor Stephen Hopkins House 
Narragansett Electric Plant, Manchester Street Powerhouse
Dunkin' Donuts (one of A LOT)
Last week, I was in Providence to attend ICON7. I explored the area on my free day and walked to RISD in the drizzle. I was told that the RISD Museum is a nice place to visit so I went thinking it was an art school gallery; I was wrong. It was a good-sized museum packed to the brim with textiles, antiquity, paintings, and art of all media. As a sampling, the collection included two sarcophagi, a piece of the Babylonian wall, a huge Buddha, a Chihuly chandelier, and Warhol wallpapers. Eclectic huh?!

I never been in New England before, so its landscape was very exciting to me. The architecture, colors, and flora are definitely different than Southern California. Tired from walking, I took a red trolley tour in the afternoon. The trolley driver-guide was able to give names and history to the places I saw and affirm I was not mistaken in thinking that there were a lot of Dunkin' Donuts in the city. A day to tour Providence just wasn't enough. 

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