Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zurich Again

A week ago, I came back from my vacation. The host that invited my parents to Zurich for work graciously invited me again. Since it was my second year in a row there, the city has started to feel like home; Zurich is now full of the familiar and yet still also the unexpected. To me, being in Zurich is to stay at the Marriot along the River Lammat. After eating the hotel's hearty buffet breakfast each morning, we'd walk along the river to the city center. We'd visit with the Chagall windows at Fraum√ľnster and go to Kunsthaus so I can visit my beloved Bruegel (not to mention the Fuseli's, Magritte's, and Tombly's! Oh My!). Later, we'd buy take-away foods from Coop and macarons from Spr√ľngli to pig out on back in the hotel room.

No matter the familiar, I discover new things about Zurich: the way Zurich looks as it wakes up to rush hour or how city-organized festivals brings out the children (and neon balloons) to its city corners. Zurich is definitely a place I want to know and discover over and over again.

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