Sunday, October 9, 2011

Via Bernina Express

Last year in Zurich, my parents and I took advantage of the wonderful rail system to travel to different regions of Switzerland. This year we took the Bernina Express, a scenic route from Chur to Tirano, south to Milan, Italy. The rails in Switzerland are marvels of engineering and so prompt that you can set your watch by them. Bernina Express did not disappoint; it ran alongside glacial lakes and mountain peaks. Trails appeared and disappeared along the rails with view of the occasional hiker. Switzerland is just as it seems in these pictures: clean, orderly, and filled with natural beauty.

Bernina Express ends in Tirano, which is right at the border on the Italian side. Having a few hours there before catching the train to Milan, we took the tourist-y yellow tram around town. The sights included some old streets, fortifications on the hill, and the Basilica della Madonna. A few hours was just about perfect to spend there for there was not much. I was ready for Milan. More about Milan later!

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