Monday, October 10, 2011

Leo. Gelato. Milano.

Italy is very different from Switzerland. The landscape immediately struck me as different the moment we crossed the border: the greenery not as pristine, the trains no longer on time, and people not as orderly as I'd prefer. But aside from a dose of incredible rudeness encountered while getting on and off buses and trains, Milan was wonderful in all its cosmopolitan glory; it is a city that reflected its exposure to various influences and cultures.

Living right off Via Dante, we were at the heart of the city with a short walking distance to all major landmarks. We were less than 10 minutes away from the Duomo and 15 minutes away from Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is where Leonardo's "Last Supper" painting is! Except of course the city is circular with streets extending out of the center like a web, making everything close to the center but far from each other. Note: The "Last Supper" (unlike the Mona Lisa) did not disappoint and lives up to any hype ever given to it.

And did I eat gelato?! YES. 

Clockwise from left: Central Station; Santa Maria delle Grazie; one of many gelatos.

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