Monday, June 7, 2010

Raise No Roof

I decided to join the FPCO choir towards the end of their choir season knowing it'd be a short commitment and a great learning experience. It has not been easy being part of a serious choir. There is weekly practice where we have vocal warm-ups and new music from different time periods and styles to learn. I even had to audition! There is some intentional teaching, but there is also a lot I must pick up on my own or recall from my faint music memory. I cannot sight-read notes or beats very well and am afraid to sing my high notes. I thought I would have a lot to offer the choir and raise the roof, but in reality I am more sheepish and timid than I imagine myself to be.

Alice Young © 2010


  1. I bet you are the best illustrator there!

  2. This is a great illustration. It was great to have you in the choir, if not for music, at least for the comaraderie!

  3. This is a nice picture. I like it.


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