Saturday, June 5, 2010


My cousin Esther had an accident a few days ago. She was sick and her husband bought her the Chinese version of chicken noodle soup: rice porridge. This porridge was of the fish-flavored variety, or rather, of the fish-boned variety. A fish bone 2 cm long became stuck in her throat and caused bleeding.  Immediately they went to the doctor's where local anesthesia and surgery was administered, but unsuccessfully. After another surgery with general anesthesia, the bone was finally taken out.

This ordeal just goes to show that you never know what freak events may happen on any given day.  Perhaps more things can be called blessings than first appears. Such as the absence of these events happening in the first place!

Alice Young © 2010


  1. Wow lol what a great illustration to go with your story! haha

  2. The story, as well as your illustration, is really scary!


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