Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something To Draw On

I completed another plain moleskine notebook a week ago so I decided to splurge on some new ones. I wanted the softer-covered and thinner ones so I can carry them around with more ease and be able to flip the covers all the way when I draw. I also wanted to buy the ones in bright colors because they are much more fun than the original black. I rationalized that they would give me more motivation to fill up their pages. And I bought so many, not because they are cute, but only (ahem) in order to get free shipping from Amazon! I am so happy they arrived today. I have no excuses now but to draw!
Dark blue, light blues, and pinks!

Stay tuned for the doodles I fill these notebooks with!

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  1. I love moleskins! Moleskins > picadillys. Maybe I'm biased because all I have are moleskins. They are so much cheaper!


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