Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do It Again!

Before We Say Goodbye
Music by: Ron and Jana Alayra
Lyrics by: Jana Alayra
Copyright and published by: © 2002 Montjoy Music

Before you go away, at the end of this good day
Do you, do you know the Lord?
Before we say "good-bye", let me ask you one more time
Do you, do you know the Lord?
His peace, His forgiveness
His words of truth and life
Do you need, His forgiveness?
Don't let another moment pass you by,
Now is the time
Now is the time, Now is the time
Do you know He loves you? Do you know He's calling you now?
Do you know He loves you? Do you know He's calling you now?

My students break into song in class every once in a while.  Though it is an art class, music is never far from their minds.  Sometimes it is whistling; Sometimes it is humming; Sometimes it is the thought of a piano lesson waiting for them after art and tae kwon do and chess masters and...

Today, two little girls (in my 5-6 year old class) started to sing this song.  I have never heard it before.  They practiced between the two of them saying that they were going to perform it at church for graduation.  They sang it with glee and excitement, like it was the best kind of game.

Another girl who did not know the song and was not able to participate acted annoyed and covered her ears.  A boy started to sing along joyfully.  I asked, "Max, you know this song too?"  He said he didn't but just joined in anyways.

I started to tell my kids that I go to choir practice every Thursday night myself and sing in the choir on Sundays.  The girls who were singing looked surprised and asked, "On stage?"

"Yes," I said.  They were impressed.

I proceeded to sing the song that I practiced for this Sunday.  "Sing till the power of the Lord come down/Shout Hallelujah/Praise his holy name/Sing till the power..."  The room fell silent.

"Then the men would sing (and using my best manly voice I sang): Amazing grace/how sweet the sound/that saved a wretch like me..."  They giggled.

I sang all the parts and got near the end but decided to stop.  After a pause, the kids said "Do it again!"


  1. I love the title. I can hear you sing that anthem in the class. Yes, do it again!

  2. This is probably my favorite blog entry so far. I get a kick out of how differently the children react or relate to one another. Reminds me of how awesome and creative God is.


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