Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bravo Angelo!

This artwork is based on a lesson plan another teacher in our school came up with.  It is to design the letters of one's name according to a theme.  This usually is not a simple task but this child came up with his sketch easily.  It has a food theme, with the kitchen for a background.

The "A" is made out of apples, "n" is made out of noodles, "g" is cups, "e" is eggs, "l" is gummy bears, and "o" is a big meatball!  I love the noodles, eggs, and meatballs (with sauce)--so unconventional!   But I especially love the gummy bears; he came up with the most ingenious way of drawing them.  This artwork, to me, exudes an overall cheerfulness and humor just like the young artist who drew it.

Angelo © 2010, US Arts Center


  1. Angelo is so creative.

  2. can I commission a themed "Sarah" by Angelo? do you think a bag of gummi-bears could get me one of these beauties? I really do love it.


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