Friday, February 26, 2010

Year of the Brave

Winston © 2010, US Arts Center
This is the year of the tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar, whose new year occurred on our February 14th. The same animal year is repeated every 12 years, so you are a tiger if you were born in 1998, 1986, 1974, and going back. Being born in the year of a certain animal means that you are disposed to share in the animals characteristic; the tiger being brave, powerful, and daring.

Based on cloth tiger toys common in the past and still sold during the Chinese new years, I had the kids in my art class created tiger pictures of their own-- each one very unique. The one above is by Winston. Would you say this tiger looks brave, powerful , and daring?


  1. Where did you get the cloth tiger toy? And wow, I really like Winston's drawing.

  2. The cloth tiger toy is a found picture on the internet. I didn't get one. Many of my students say that they have one; if you want one, you probably have to purchase it in Asia!

  3. I thank you on Winston's behalf :)


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