Monday, March 1, 2010

Getty's Broken Promises

The Getty Center

I've been meaning to take my mom to the special Rembrandt & His Pupils exhibit running from December 8, 2009-February 28, 2010 at the Getty Center for awhile now. Not being able to make the exhibit earlier, we went, of all days, on the last day of the exhibit.

It was not to be. Not only hitting atypical Sunday traffic, the museum shut down the exhibit one hour earlier than promised. Though there was expectation that it would reopen in 15 minutes, the exhibit was decidedly closed thirty minutes later--no explanations given.

This three month exhibit ended in not a blaze of glory but disappointment. I was disappointed. My mom was very disappointed. But worst were the disappointment of some who didn't commit merely three hours of traveling to this exhibit, but an entire trip from the east coast. All we got as amends for our disappointments were a few parking vouchers for our next trip to the Getty. But what good are parking vouchers if there are no guarantees that we will actually see the exhibits we visit the Getty for?!

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