Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend in Portlandia

Mandatory picture of the UO white stag sign!
Can't believe it is almost the weekend again. I never quite unpacked from Asia and I went to Portland last weekend for a short trip. While I definitely didn't get to visit everything I'd like to, there's always next time!

LAN SU CHINESE GARDEN—This is garden right in the middle of Chinatown in Downtown Portland. You wouldn't guess it if it wasn't for some of the taller buildings that peep up behind the garden walls. I've been to Suzhou and the Huntington, but I think this garden is just as special as its bigger counterparts!
Lan Su Garden
CRYSTAL SPRINGS RHODODENDREN GARDEN—This place is not as well known as Portland's Japanese Garden or International Rose Test Garden, but it really should be the preferred garden this time of year. The flowers are all in bloom and of varying colors. I also saw a Canadian goose followed by a row of goslings. Adorable!
Flowers make great backdrops!
MULTNOMAH FALLS—This seemed like another place that you have to go to if you were to visit Portland. No hiking required as this fall is right beside a nice lodge and parking area. There are actually many falls in the area and on the same road too; so don't just check this one out.
Multnomah Falls
SATURDAY MARKET—The Saturday market actually takes place on Sundays too. It is right by the river with lots of food carts, crafty vendors, and street performers. It is fun to walk through like any market, but I didn't think it was super special.

Well branded, no?
VOODOO DOUGHNUTS—Who can say they visited Portland without dropping by Voodoo? I came by on Sunday afternoon and it looked like at least a 30 minute wait. Decided to come back on the day I head back to LA to bring some home to share with the cousins. On Tuesday morning around 8:00, we were served right away! 

MOTHER’S BISTRO—I didn't take any nice pictures of this place. It is very popular on the weekends but the 15 minute wait for breakfast turned out to be just 5. My mom and I shared a Greek frittata and cinnamon pecan roll. It was delish!
A large latte to go.
STUMPTOWN COFFEE—Though I saw this place on some to-do list, I didn't intend to go. Passing by it on the way from Voodoo, I might as well go in and have a try. I probably should have ordered a cappuccino, but I got a latte. It didn't matter: it was good coffee.


  1. How different did the donut taste? That little monster is a little scary to eat, no :)?

    1. The donuts I tried didn't taste very different. The little voodoo donut has jelly inside and a pretzel stake that isn't on the one shown; so it is suppose to be like a voodoo doll! They have lots of crazy flavors with Tang powder and cereal stuck allover. I read online that they used to have one with Pepto Bismol on it until the health department stepped in!

      I think the bacon maple donut I tasted in Atlanta was better than the one they had here. But it doesn't matter, the shop is ever ever so popular!


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