Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh January!

I wanted to spend time with Steph before she heads to NYC to study at Parsons. So we decided to go to a place we both enjoy: the museum! We stopped first at simplethings sandwich & pie shop for lunch. I had the pulled chicken sandwich with the market veggie salad. I thought my sandwich was just okay, but the salad was delicious. Steph had the portobello mushroom pot pie which was pretty amazing. We also tried one of their cutie pies. Yum!

1. Half Pulled Chicken Sandwich/Half Market Veggie Salad 2. Portobello Mushroom Pot Pie 3. Banoffee Cutie Pie
Then we went to LACMA for no exhibit in particular. I was super happy to find out from the ticket office that there is some special promotion this month where I can get extra free tickets with my indie membership. I haven't used my about-to-expire membership all that much so that made me feel like I got my membership's worth! 

Steph, the little shutterbug.
The weather today could not have been more beautiful for January. Such a wonderful day to walk around and to enjoy art. I am so glad I got to spend time with Steph and got to know her better!

Beautiful lines and colors!


  1. What beautiful photos, Alice. It looks like a fun adventure! Did you use Photoshop to create your photo collages? I've been "cheating" and using Picasa collages, but there are limitations. Anyway, I *do* want to do a collar with you. Let's brainstorm on ideas soon!

  2. And by "collar" I mean "collab". That darn autocorrect...


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