Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching Up at A Waterfall

Yesterday, I got to catch up with my Talbot friends, SB and MR, now dispersed to Chicago and NC. We hiked Eaton Canyon to a cute little waterfall. I didn't get any pictures of the three of us that would do us justice and I didn't take that many pictures along the way; A picture of the waterfall will just have to do.

We then ate at a place called Mike and Anne's in South Pasadena, MR's old hood. Can you guess who ate what?


  1. Ooh, sounds like a fun outing! I'm just going to take a stab at the food pictures and guess... MR with the burger, SB with the ommelette, and you with the salad?

  2. Ha Dannah! You're so cute!

    Me with the burger, MR with the salad, and SB with the omelette. I was famished!

  3. Alice, I totally guessed that you chose the burger!!


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