Sunday, June 12, 2011

Visiting the Getty Villa in a June Gloom

If you haven't gone to the Getty Villa before, you must! This week, it was my third visit to the Villa and it is as always--inspiring. 

First, I must tell you that I've been obsessing over the color pink lately; more so than usual and hotter the pink, the better. Now guess what color was in bloom at the Villa?!

Every time I visit a permanent collection, I find myself gravitating towards the same pieces. I am always taking pictures of the same pieces on different visits, hoping that I capture them better each time so as to serve as better future reference and inspiration for myself. One thing I love about the Villa is the detail in the floors!

On this visit, I found a new piece that wasn't in the Villa's collection before! Because there is no way I wouldn't have noticed this scuplture. It is the best! I ♥ it.  It is labeled "Young Satyr with a Theater Mask." I took more than ten pictures of it all from different angles. But no matter how many pictures I took of it, I can't seem to capture the excitement it gave me to stand in front of it. This piece is too awesome! Do you like it too?

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  1. I like it too. Michael took another angle, and I burst out laughing!


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