Saturday, April 2, 2011

You're Invited to A Tea Party!

Tea party connotes a lot these days. But I mean tea party in its most obvious sense; It is a party that serves tea (that means tea pots, tea cups, and snacks that go along). And tea party has been the latest project I had my students work on.  It is a great exercise in perfecting drawing circles and ellipses, and getting to understand three-dimensional shapes. It is also a great chance for the students to exercise overlapping as well as coming up with individual patterns and designs.  Here are two good examples of the results. Hopefully with more to come!

Doesn't this picture have a slight Van Gogh quality?! Max © 2011.
A student described this picture as "too fancy!"
I am not sure what she means, but I think she is describing its bright and cheery quality.
Valerie © 2011.


  1. I really like these pictures, they are adorable.

  2. this is awesome! i remember doing things like this. those are fabulous! tell your students kudos for me :)

    that one DOES look a little van goghy! haha i'd have to agree with you there

    so i'm a new follower of your blog and i've got to say i love it and your writing! {especially the header, of course! so awesome!} make it yourself??

    please, do come see us sometime over at here we are! maybe even follow if you'd like. we'd really love to have you around :)

    <3, kandice


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