Sunday, January 16, 2011

Screwtape on Stage

Have you been to the Alex Theater in Glendale before? I went today for the first time to see a stage production of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis. It was a two-person play that relied a lot on the script, the stage, and the light and sound design. The language and monologues can be hard to understand at times, but what I did understand made me deeply appreciate the insights this play had to offer.

What I loved the most was the short Q&A time the actor Max Mclean had with the audience after the performance. That time gave me a sense of the discipline, the motivations, the personality and the rewards that go into putting a production like this together. (It took him four months to memorize the lines, which was pretty much the whole book and some). He also talked briefly about his personal faith and a vision for presenting the Christian worldview through the arts and in theater.

All in all, the time made for such an enjoyable experience!

The sign board; and the interior of the theatre before the show starts.
Beautiful Alex Theater.

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  1. me and my mom tried to go to this on Saturday night but it was sold out! i'm so jelly.


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