Monday, January 17, 2011

A Perfect MLK Day

On glorious MLK morning, I went to the Santa Monica Pier with my friend Jon, who just came back from wintry Georgia. It was a wonderful way to spend one last day of fun before classes start this week. I am so glad the weather cooperated--the day was simply perfect.

Clockwise from left top: the view of the pier from the end;
the lamps that line the piers; me standing under the pier.

Then we went to pick up my sister for a fun lunch together at Al Gelato. One of us had to order the meatball sandwich that Tony (my BIL) have been raving about for years. We also ordered a cabernet gelato which was delicious!

Al Gelato storefront; the meatball sandwich; the cabernet gelato.

Then we went to The MILK Shop which I've seen in some of my friends photos and thought this must be a happening place. But after visiting, I thought it was just alright.  I only tasted the red velvet popper (which was pretty good). I would be willing to try this place again, if it wasn't for the fact that everything seemed overpriced to me. 

The MILK Shop exterior; the red velvet popper.


  1. Did you really take the picture of the store Milk in the middle of the street?


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