Saturday, January 8, 2011

Laguna Christmas

Don't know why I didn't post these earlier, but here are some pictures from Christmas Day spent on a beach in Laguna. Families gathered here as mine did because there was nowhere to go on a day when all shops closed. The tide had came and left, leaving heaps of bamboo ashore (Yes, bamboo! But I wonder where they all came from?!). Parents and children busily build their forts and tepees as I walked the rocks to explore the life that clung to it. A gray day at the beach can feel lonely; but seeing life bustling around me, I couldn't help but feel grateful.

Families busily building their own abode.

A bamboo tepee; walking the rocks; mischievous seagulls.

The sea plants clinging to the rocks; barnacles; seaweed washed ashore; mussels and sea anemone.

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  1. Those are pretty pictures! I love the beach. :)


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