Saturday, July 31, 2010

SCBWI LA Conference Day Two

Another day at the conference meant another day of great speakers and experiences.  Though I was getting a bit tired towards the afternoon, the moment the speaker Gail Carson Levine said Ella Enchanted, I perked up!  I didn't remember her name, but I know Ella Enchanted!  It was my cousin Michelle's favorite book in high school that she had to have me read it.
Gail Carson Levine on the big screen.
The day was a little emotionally draining but it was to end in the Heart and Soul Ball. Let's just say that writers and illustrators know how to let the wild rumpus start: food, drinks, costumes, dancing.  Yup, we have a lot of heart and soul!
Great Costumes.
My OC illustrators group with Arthur Levine who is the American publisher of the Harry Potter series.
This member gave a great impromptu rendition of "Push It" by Salt-N-Peppa. She really got the party started!
Gail Carson Levine apparently can groove as well as she writes.
Me with the executive director Lin Oliver and the president Stephen Mooser
...and it was my birthday but I didn't tell anybody.

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