Friday, August 20, 2010

Kogi Again

I know I posted on the Kogi truck before, but I must do it again.  Because this time, I spent more time on getting documentation of it. See picture below!

I happened upon the website today and saw that a truck was coming to the City of Industry from 10:30-12:30PM.  I got there around 10:10PM and there was already a formidable line.  From my past experience, I estimated the wait to be over an hour.  That turned out to be correct; it was an hour before I reached the order window and another half before getting the food. If you live around LA, a food truck might be a common sight.  But in the burbs, this is an experience!
The line after an hour and a half.


  1. oooh neat!! i love how you put the pics together :) :)dang there is no such thing as kogi where i am - _ -

  2. Are those two different tall guys both wearing the same thing or is that one single guy?


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