Friday, August 13, 2010

Getty Villa

I wanted to take my friend Jon somewhere fun before his school starts. So I took him to the Getty Villa along with my mom and Aunt June.  It was super fun being able to bring people who have never gone before to share this place with. If you don't know, the Getty Villa is modeled after a real Roman country house buried in an eruption in AD 79. It houses many antiquities from Etruscan, Greek, and Roman times.  It was a load of inspiration to look at everything there, of which I've only included some architectural inspirations for your pleasure!
The Outer Peristyle. The Herb Garden.
Some architectural details.
Some marble and tile work on the floor.
Me taking a break in front of the gift shop.
I also headed to my friend Angel's Going Away Party after a nap.  (More about the going away party here.) She is going to Baylor University come Fall. I am super excited for her; but at the same time, I know I will miss her and wish her back often.

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