Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Pictures

Little girls almost universally love pink, yellow, and baby animals (with eyelashes). The result: HAPPINESS!

My favorite touch?  The sun wearing sunglasses!  Haha!
Two sheep going home from school.
Angela © 2010, US Arts Center
Two dogs playing in the yard.
Valerie © 2010, US Arts Center

On a different note: One of my student loves to continuously echo me in a near mocking tone. I thought she was playing around and purposely annoying me. I asked her, "Why do you repeat everything I say?"  She answered sincerely, "I repeat so I can learn more words."  She is an amazing little girl.  Being able to talk to my students is the number one reason I teach.


  1. Two sheep going home after school is hilarious. It's funny how kids can make animals with humanistic characters. I get a real kick out of that.

  2. I like the backpacks of the sheep!


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