Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July

I went to watch fireworks on Independence Day for the first time in my recollection; I've only watched fireworks on TV or from afar, or was told about childhood trips in Taiwan to the Danshui River to watch fireworks on Taiwan's Independence Day.  This was not a big fireworks event like those held at the shore or at the capitol, but one held by the local high school; but because it was my first in a long time, it was priceless.  Fireworks in the night sky are like an artist's strokes across a canvas.  The lights and sparkles change the flat darkness into a space that seems all of a sudden navigable, bringing depth from flatness.

Just as I have not watched fireworks since my childhood in Taiwan, I have not played with them either. But this year I splurged on some sparklers and had fun remembering why a little fire and a little light hold such marvel and wonder!


  1. good to read your new entries. Firework and white rabbits, what's not to love?


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