Thursday, June 24, 2010

Norton Simon Field-trip

Today I went on a field-trip with my work to the Norton Simon Museum.  We took 21 rambunctious students to enjoy art and to create some of our own.
The kids were not silent for a single moment!
It was a non-stop adventure.  The kids seemed perpetually hungry, thirsty, and in need of going to the restroom! They constantly got too close to the priceless artwork, annoying the guards and making me nervous!  The students saw many paintings and sculptures which inspired them and made them eager to draw themselves.  So off we went to the museum garden!

The kids hard at work.
We have been familiarizing our students with drawing landscapes using ink-pens. I didn't get a chance to browse the bookstore, but I squeezed in a drawing of my own.

Alice Young © 2010


  1. I really like this drawing. I like how there are different kinds of lines that make up this picture: horizontal lines, vertical lines, round lines, etc. Not very technical terms to describe the technique, but I like the pic!

  2. You actually described it very well. Drawing is exactly about using your lines in different ways, directions, thicknesses... It is about using lines to describe the texture, the information, and the emotion of what you see. It is also about editing too!

    Thank you!


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