Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Huntington Library

Last week I took my friend Jon to The Huntington Library as a birthday gift-adventure. I haven't been there for 10 years myself, so it was about time for me too. We went on Monday, just missing the Corpse "stinky" flower by two days, which bloomed and peaked Friday.  

It was a fun afternoon of enjoying the library's landscaped grounds and practicing using our respective DSLR cameras. I liked the Lily Pond where a mother duck led a group of baby ducks down a rocky falls, back up the rocky falls, then stepping over lily pads. The Chinese Garden was lackluster compared to the ones in China. I also liked the Desert Garden where each kind of cactus had a different comical personality.  But my favorite was the Children's Garden where children played with water to their heart's content and chased after a fat little squirrel that has made the place its home. 
The birthday boy re-living his now long-past childhood at the entrance of The Children's Garden :)
The Chinese Garden
The Desert Garden.  Clockwise from top left: a hairy cactus that just looks wrong; Jon calls this kind the "mickey mouse" cactus; a wavy cactus with polka dots; and creeping cactus!
Perfectly sheared hedges, vibrant colors, and animal topiaries!  That is my idea of a wonderful day!

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