Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strawberry Field

I went to Tanaka Farm today with a group of elderly people from my mom's church today.  It was pretty fun. We got a tour of the farm and had to try different organic produce straight from the ground. We ate green onion, biting right into the bulb. We had cilantro, snow peas, carrots, romaine lettuce, and butter lettuce. We were full from eating fresh veggies before getting to our lunch. 

Something I learned:
1) Tomato is a fruit because like all fruits, it comes from a flower and it has seeds inside.  But it is considered a vegetable by the government for tax purposes.
2) Corn is a grass.
3) You can eat all parts of a vegetable, but for a fruit, that is the only part of the plant you can eat.

The last leg of our tour was to stop by the strawberry field to pick our own strawberries. We can pack as much into our given containers as long we can close the lid; and we can eat as much as we want as we picked! Most people had red-stained hands by the time they were back on the wagon.

Here are the grandmas and grandpas from the church picking strawberries!

Here are my pickings!

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  1. I really like the picture of the grandpas and grandmas picking their own strawberries.


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