Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Jesus Christ Lizard

This is a recreation of a conversation I had with my students from a few weeks a go. J is a 7 year old boy who loves animals and L is a 9 year old boy who loves science. Who knew a philosophy degree at a seminary was supposed to prepare me for conversations like this?

J: Did you know Jesus had a pet?
(No response)
J: Really! Jesus had a pet!
Me: Jesus didn't have time for a pet.
L: How do you know that?
Me: Jesus was too busy traveling and stuff... to take care of a pet.
J: But Jesus had a pet lizard! Because there's a real animal called the Jesus Christ lizard.
Me: Um... Someone probably just named it that because...
J: But it's Jesus' pet because he created it.
Me: But Jesus created EVERYTHING!
L: Then who created Jesus?
Me: No one. He's God. He just is. He can't be created. If he's created then he is not God.
L: But how do you know he wasn't created?
Me: Well, even if you don't believe Jesus is the creator and not created. You have to believe there is  someone or something that wasn't created. Because for there to be things that are created means there was someone that wasn't created in order to create everything else.
L: Um... I don't think I believe that!

Anyways. This conversation winded down after that. But I had to look up Jesus Christ lizard. This is what I found! No wonder!

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