Friday, June 29, 2012


Moth Ball Closing Party
The board and staff leaving the stage.

This is my recap of the last day of ICON7. 


Our Favortie Art Directors (Steven Charny, Paul Buckely, Thomas Schmid)
Paul like illustrators to do their own typography and to do work in ways they usually don't. Steven (Rolling Stones Record Reviews) talk about how he chooses the illustrators and the kind of direction he gives. Schmid (Buck TV) talked about his advertising and animation studio.

Inspiration or Infringement (Linda Joy Kattwinkel)
She talked about ideas versus expression. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, but your specific expression of it is. 

To MFA or Not to MFA: A Debate (Marshall Arisman, David L. Porter)
Marshall's stance is that if you can come by content and concept on your own, then there is no need for an MFA program. But he believes the community one is availed to in an MFA program is especially such that fosters the content you need for creating. David's view is that if you ask who benefits, it seems to be the financial gain of schools more than the students. He also said some things that were beyond me. I wish I could hear it again.

Power of the Image (Tim O'Brien)
"Aim for the work you want to do."
"If something moves (pictures), we stop thinking but watching."

Growth Through Collaboration (Tommy Lee Edwards)
"Drawing is your language; learn to do it fluently."

Six Years in the Black: Running a Small Press and the Virtues of the Creative Impatience
An incredibly funny and adorable couple that decided to quit their well-paying jobs to pursue their dream of running a small press. They decided to use a subscription model to keep themselves disciplined unknowing that it ended up being a great business model. They tour the small press and alternative publishing show circuit, and their endeavor led to many opportunities they didn't expect. 

Seen Through a Sketchbook (John Cuneo. Marcellus Hall. Jillian Tamaki)
Marcellus started to sketch because he knew he need to improve his composition skills. He said he knew he could not wait for someone to lead him but he needed to lead himself. Jillian says her sketchbooks serve many functions: workhorse, sandbox, incubator, cathartic exercise, intimate space, psychological space. John says his sketchbook is a palate cleaner and a refuge. 

What is Fair Use? (Linda Joy Kattwinkel)
She gave definitions and examples of what qualified as parody and transformative works. 

Superjail (Christy Karacas)

The Unwritten (Yuko Shimizu)
Yuko has done a bunch of covers for Vertigo, and imprint of DC comics. Her work is amazing. 

The In-Between (Esther Pearl Watson)
Esther talked about her current time in life, what she calls the in-between. I think she is calling us to be aware of the moments where we think nothing is happening and to pay attention to all the things that are actually happening. She says that "waiting is a potent time" and I cannot agree more. 

The Worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy (Irene Gallo, Jon Foster, Greg Manchess)

Yes, You are the Most Interesting Person in the World (Starlee Kine, and Arthur Jones)
Starlee worked at This American Life recording her stories that were bad/sad/confusing, especially one that revolved around Phil Collins and his sappy break-up song. She says that ideas are like orphans and ideas that are never expressed are like orphans that are never adopted :( . Therefore if you feel strongly about an idea, fight to tell its story.

Drawn Together (Brian Rea, Paul Sahre)

Closing Party
Open Bar. And did I see John Hendrix spinning on the dance floor? Enough said.

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