Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Parade Days

This was a project that my students completed about a month ago. I didn't post earlier because each student finish at their own pace, and I was too lazy to put the pictures together in Photoshop. But here is the finished artwork! This project was inspired by the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade: big balloons walked through a crowded city. What do you think?

Jack, Nathan, Gabriel, Sarah, Emily, Jessica, Sunny, Anna, Jeffrey, Nicole © 2012
Close-up of 3rd and 5th panel from above. Nathan, Sarah © 2012.


  1. What a fun project! I love the ice cream and robot balloons. And I spy multiple penguins too. Great project idea!

  2. I love the details in the close-ups, like facial hair and doorknobs! Ha, so cute.

  3. You play the kazoo?! What kind of kazoo do you have? Plastic or metal? The singer in the video has a plastic one, but I just checked amazon and I see they have metal ones, too. I'm not going to actually get one until after the semester ends, but I'm curious which kind you play.


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