Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New J.Crew Sperrys

Have you seen the new J. Crew catalog and what they have done to Sperrys? Not only did J.Crew recreate Sperrys in bright neon colors, but the laces have been redone into cute little spiral knots.

January 2012 Catalog
Though tempted by the neon azalea color, who can buy a pair every season? Instead, I decided to spruce mine up with the spiral knots. Here is how I tied mine:

1. Untie your shoelaces. Take one side of the lace and fold the length of the lace into a loop, making sure the loose end is longer than the length of the loop (the loose end should be a little less than twice the length of the loop).
2. Take the loose end of the lace and start encircling the loop, starting right beneath the fold.
3-5. Keep encircling the loose end around the folded loop until a small loop and a short loose end is left. (If unevenly distributed, start over or trim your loose end shorter).
6. Pull the loose end through the small loop.
7. Pull the entire knot outward to tighten. Voila! You have your spiraling knot! Now Repeat.
This is how my Sperrys turned out. I went around tying every boat shoe I can find around the house like this. Now my feet is ready for Spring!


  1. You can't keep them :( You have to send all of them back and then order the one you want.

  2. Oh yeah sorry. Yes I did find one I liked, it's called Tenley! But I don't think I'll be ordering them just yet.

  3. Great DIY tutorial. The little spirals are so cute. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Minted Magazine


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