Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pink & Yellow

This past weekend, I went to the Norton Simon with my lovely friends for the recent print exhibit. Since I am learning how to make prints lately, it was really nice to see the kinds of work that can be accomplished with the different printing techniques. One print I really fell in love with is Ed Ruscha's Pepto-Caviar Hollywood. It isn't just because of the novelty of printing with Pepto-Bismol and caviar, but that these colors were used to such great effect! I found myself gravitating to the same colors in different pieces over and over: light blues, earth tones, and of course pink and yellow. I can't wait to surround myself with and use these colors together somehow.

Pepto-Caviar Hollywood, Ed Ruscha

1. Tree bark; 2. Unequal, Kandinsky; 3. Woman with Mandolin, Picasso; 4. Two Head, Paul Klee;
5. The Triumph of Virtue and Nobility Over Ignorance, Tiepolo; 6. Still Life with Ham, Jacob Meyer De Haan.

Kayla, Angela, and Grace.

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