Thursday, February 3, 2011

Griffith Park

I went scouting with my mom today for a field-trip place for her to take the elderly in her church on. It took us to Griffith Park and the recreations available in its vicinity. We first visited the miniature train ride. It was a little corny but it wasn't designed for me anyways but for kiddies. 

Then we went to the observatory. I haven't visited since before the renovations in 2002-2006. We didn't go in but walked around the grounds. The building is beautiful with art deco features that I never took notice of before. The renovations really enhanced the architecture, and the new observation decks allow for great viewing of Los Angeles. After eating our packed lunches, we even walked the surrounding trails a little.

The Hollywood sign.
View of Downtown Los Angeles.
Trails surrounding the observatory. The observation deck in the back.

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