Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hollywood Bowl

She & Him performing.
I went to the Bowl the past Sunday for this line up: The Bird and The Bee, She & Him, and The Swell Season.  I don't listen to the radio much so it's a wonder that I know any musicians.  But I fell in love with The Swell Season after watching Once and did not want to miss them at the Bowl. 

This is my second time watching the Swell Season perform and both times, it was my sister's treat to me as my birthday gift. She arranged the whole thing, invited some friends and organized a picnic too. We each brought some goodies and ended up with a feast!  We had some Indian fritters, some sandwiches and some Sprinkles cupcakes.  The only thing we wished we brought but didn't was a little wine!

Our picnic-feast on the bench.
 When The Bird and The Bee started performing, it was still too bright to see the screen from where I was sitting. I couldn't see much except the lead's sequined dress and the sidekicks bright colored tights. Their music was very fun.

She & Him was surprisingly good. They performed endlessly for nearly an hour. I was impressed by their music and how hard they performed. And of course I had to be sitting in front of a girl who knew every song by heart and thought the Bowl was a sing-along! The last song Zooey sang sealed the deal for me: she has put a spell on me.

Still I waited for The Swell Season. Their music hits the spot for me. There is something so deeply satisfying about their music that there was a moment I thought that that was what being in Heaven is like.  They were wonderful but there were not the kind of memorable moments as the first time I saw them at the El Rey.  I like small venues, I must say, because moments like "The Banana Man" happens!

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