Saturday, May 1, 2010


I had to give one of my class a watercolor project that focuses on how blue + yellow = green.  So I had them draw sunflowers.  I was inspired by Van Gogh's paintings of sunflowers and the Susanna Green Sunflower Print from Liberty of London.  Here are two of the first completed results.  More are coming!

Wesley © 2010, US Arts Center
Bowen © 2010, US Arts Center


  1. These kids are so talented. They all draw way better than I do! So amazing. They must have a super great instructor.

  2. Thanks toe :) You're so sweet for saying so!

  3. I will hear this print on me!

  4. I mean "wear" not "hear", sorry!
    But a great picture speaks and a great piece of music makes you see. so it still works.


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