Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Rose By Another Medium

To take my illustration skills into the 21st century, I am taking some classes at Fullerton College.   Among the classes I am taking is ACG 132-Electronic Paint with Kathy Nauer.  The class requires us to learn Corel Painter. Being one who is familiar with and loves traditional paint, it is hard to imagine that my Wacom Tablet and laptop can do the same job.  But I was pleasantly surprised last night with the process and the result.  (Note: The colors are more dull than the original because the image has been saved in a size suitable for the web.)

The photo reference I used.  A rose from a neighbor's house.
Alice Young © 2010


  1. Hey it looks like real paintng to my amateur eyes, cool!
    By the way, I love the way you wrote "you love" As opposed to listing items, I can imagine sounds and movement in you list, as in a musical compostion. Especially the last phrase, so clever!

  2. unbelievable. looks like a beautiful painting. i'd still rather have the physical painting than the digital. but how cool that you can do that! i'm jealous.


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