Friday, April 9, 2010

Kogi In My Hood

I had missed the food truck event at the Americana, so I absolutely could not miss the Kogi truck in my hood last Saturday.  My sis and bil (brother in law) found out online and drove to Rowland just to pay these yummy Korean tacos another visit.  

The truck was just a block from Colima and Nogales.  Our wait was for an hour from midnight to 1am.  We were literally the last in line; they even gave us a sign and refused to take anyone after us.  It was an entertaining hour of waiting with ghetto music blasting from a car parked nearby, some freak dancing from the people in front of us, and whiffs of restaurant alley stench mixed with fragrant barbeque.

The truck. The line.

The booty.  Yum... worth it!


  1. What happened to your blog layout? You changed it?

  2. so cool! i had tacos from the kogi truck once, in la mirada of all places! they came to the corner of beach and la mirada. i waited forever too, but it was worth it. it was delicious and it was fun waiting with a huge crowd of people in a creepy empty parking lot for greasy food at midnight.

  3. I never know we can buy food like this from a truck on a street. And you have to stand in line!


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